Casual Play Astrogation

Gamma Mitter Manza 7f (Bion)

Your ship drops back into normal space-time, turns slowly in the void. Like two gigantic eyes, a pair of gas giants slide into view, both brilliant and blinding, both a mix of crimson and violent orange cut with striations of visceral purple and shades approaching electric blue. Sensors pick up no moons, nothing but a shared series of rocky rings ground down to powder after billions of years of passing through the planets' battling gravity fields.

A signal from a buoy left just beyond the reach of the two worlds pings your ship's comm system almost immediately, informs you that both giants have been claimed by the Iradinus Mining Consortium. The buoy looks new, reads as being only a few years old. It's safe to assume that a flotilla of IMC gas mining and refining platforms are probably enroute to Gamma Mitter Manza 7f right now, will probably arrive in another few years.

No point in sticking around. For now, there are no ships, no stations, nothing human or otherwise that isn't native to this system. Just you– you and the buoy. The integrated intelligence warms up the ship's phasedrive immediately, holds it for your thought-sent authorization. You linger only a moment longer, taking in the colors of the pair of bright gas giants before giving the command, watching them blur and twist as your ship jumps back to between-space, leaves Gamma Mitter Manza 7f far behind.


- - -